Elenique Aesthetics

Working closely with the owner of this small business, I created blog posts designed to inform and persuade. Posts had a heavy emphasis on research into the benefits of skincare ingredients and procedures on offer in the clinic.

Freaks Love Nature

I created articles based on skincare ingredients for Freaks Love Nature’s website and social media feeds. There was an emphasis on strong research within these articles, which featured an upbeat and informal style to capture the attention of the brand’s target market.



In my work with trendy fashion retailer Honeyz I created category descriptions and blog posts that catered to a young audience with the aim of increasing the site's search engine presence. The copy included style tips and outfit ideas to engage visitors and potential customers, with natural placement of long tail keywords to enhance SEO.


Working with the owner of this small jewellery company, I created short product descriptions for newly released collections that were in-keeping with the sophisticated and timeless feel of the brand. KOKO NEW YORK also asked me to create a brand story that would capture the hearts of readers and create a feel for the real essence of the product line.

My Tummy

I worked to complete interesting and valuable blog posts for My Tummy's blog to engage readers and potential customers. Knowledge of SEO was helpful in this role but an emphasis was placed on relaying useful well researched information in an entertaining way within the theme of maternity fashion.
I also wrote web copy with keyword anchor links for external websites in order to increase the web presence of My Tummy who were newly launched in the UK after trading for some time in Poland. For both areas of the work, including keywords in a natural way and providing succinct information was essential.


Take Marketing t/a Play Marketing

In my work with Play Marketing I wrote articles, guides and reviews based on websites and games popular within the iGaming and online gambling industry. Quick research was a necessity in order to write with authority on individual topics, along with strong use of short and long tail keywords, plus a sensitivity to the tone and house style of the sites on which the articles were to appear.

As a content writer for this leading affiliate marketing company, excellent retail knowledge and the ability to keep up with trends to verify that time-sensitive content is up to date is essential. Working alongside the editorial team I ensure that content is accurate and in line with the house style.


Blog posts written for the site's 'hub' focused on wellness, healthy living and healthy eating, with an upbeat informal style. The aim of these was to increase the site's search engine ranking through the use of keywords as well as provide content full of value and guidance for the site's members. I also wrote copy for the brand and deal pages of the site to encourage potential customers to click on affiliate links.


Cheetah Minicabs

As part of this large project, I worked on location pages targeting individual areas of London. These customer-facing pages were designed to be persuasive and use specific keywords to improve SEO, ensuring the client was in the top search engine results for each area.


As a writer for ihateironing I worked on location pages explaining the features and benefits of the services offered by the company with the inclusion of relevant long tail keywords. I also worked on the company blog, creating posts aimed at busy professionals.


Isolution Technologies

I was required to research, collaborate and write articles for websites with a technology theme including those based around apps, gadgets, tutorials and technology news. As part of another project I also wrote for a site that focussed on 'viral' articles which spanned popular general interest topics in list format and had a strong emphasis on images and GIFs. The environment was faced paced with a quick turnaround for writing, editing and revising articles, meaning organisation and concentration were key. I worked with WordPress to format articles and ensured an up to date knowledge of best SEO practises in order to establish maximum exposure for each article.

Lets Build WP

For this short project I was required to write informative and easy to understand articles and tutorials based on the WordPress blogging platform and content management system. I worked to create interesting articles with practical instructions that helped readers build their own website. The articles were also designed to advise readers on the most appropriate themes and templates according to their needs.


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